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 Managed Futures - Educational Course

 Download white papers, due diligence, and analyst reports on the managers we track, strategies in the space, and allocation tactics. 



State-of-the-Art Portfolio Modeling 

Our state-of-the-art portfolio builder has been improved as a dynamic simulator that allows you to experiment with different programs and allocation levels. 



Top Ranked Managed Futures Programs

See performance and risk metrics on hundreds of managers, and find out which ones are ranking highly.


Database of Managed Futures Programs

Access one of the most thoroughly scrubbed and sortable managed futures databases in existence.



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PORTFOLIO_CONSULT_ICON Free Custom Portfolio Consultation
  • Get insight from a portfolio construction professional with over a decade of experience with a free portfolio consultation that will highlight appropriate manager selections for your goals.
SELECT_MANAGERS_ICON Lower Minimum Access to Select Mangers
  • Looking to get your feet wet? Some managed account minimums a little out of reach? Qualified investors can access some programs at much lower minimum investment levels, and receive monthly performance updates by email.

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Daily Insights from the Attain Blog
Get the latest insights on the current investment climate, managed futures program performance, portfolio strategy and more. 
Exclusive Webinar Invitations
Interact with the pros - with managers, portfolio experts, investment advisors, and analysts who provide the answers you need most. 




Futures trading is complex and carries the risk of substantial losses. It is not suitable for all investors.
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